Where are the flats? They're Behind You!

It is rather hard to imagine how those approving the Conservative Party Manifesto could miss the irony in this photo. Everything that you can see behind Cllr Ahmad-Wallana, including the spot in the Yiewsley Library parking lot, is going to be turned into flats! They say a picture is worth a thousand words; but, we think that you might want to read a few hundred more and learn how Hillingdon Council is planning on selling your green space.


Democratic process? Bah, we have flats to build!

Cabinet Forward Plan April 2018One way for the people to monitor the planned agenda of their Council is to read "The Cabinet Forward Plan." However, this only works when the Council follows the letter, and the spirit, of the law. And, it seems that Hillingdon's Leader Puddifoot and property developer Cllr Bianco don't have time for that. They have flats to build on Yiewsley Rec!


Claiming back our hut

Hillingdon Council wants to clear away the bowls hut from Yiewsley Recreation Ground to make way to be 41 flats on the site. A small group of residents and OCM supporters turned out last minute in the rain to protest the systematic dismantling of our community resources.

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