K2 Our Community Matters Website Entering Alpha

  • 02 April 2018 |
  • Published in: News

k2 Item Hello neigbours,

We are glad to let you know that the Our Communities Matters website is beginnging to take shape.

Ok, go ahead and suspend your disbelief ... keep in mind, you are reading this post, so: que est demonstrandum the website exists!

We are in what is known as the "Alpha" stage.

What this means is that we have more bugs than the natural history museum.

However, hopefully it is still worth a visit.

Feel free to contact us and we will let you know when we move on to the "Beta" stage.

Wait! What is a "Beta" stage?!

So glad you asked. Beta means that we are close to going public and we are trying to work out the last issues before going into general release. Again, you can help by registereing now.