One of the few ways that local people can compel an audience with our Council's decision makers is through the partition process.

Several web sites already provide a framework for petition organisers. However, we believe that there are some concerns worth noting. Although may well be a force for good, it is a private, for-profit company that works with advertisers and many believe exposes your personal data to third parties. The UK petition site 38 Degrees is well organised and reputable; however, we believe that we need a better local focus. Hillingdon Council does operate its own ePetition system, but OCM has found them unresponsive.

Our goal is to make OCM a platform where our community can educate each other and otherwise become informed about local issues; and, if and when our citizens want to add their voice, to make participating in the petition process as easy as possible.

However, today, we are still working with paper. Sorry. We will be working on it; we promise!

Current Petitions: