Community Computing

The OCM Community Computing Initiative

OCM exists to encourage real life, face to face community, facilitated and empowered by the Internet and World Wide Web. We want to make the OCM Web community available to all and reach out to those not comfortable participating in the online world.

There is usually nothing as important as face to face interactions; in talking with people on the street, at parks, while out shopping or at one of our organised <public meetings>, we have really appreciated the level of interest and enthusiasm people have shown for what we hope to build here at OCM.

As much as we might hope to all meet up in real life (IRL), we can all  -- learn more, -- do more,  --change more when we also interact on the Internet and the Web. We imagine the OCM web site evolving to an increasing array of features. However, at its core it will always be about sharing information, providing a place and a forum to consider what matters to us most, and -- critically -- giving our community the ability to rapidly respond in a coordinated manner to issues of concern such as inappropriate development or crime. And, these same tools help us promote the positives of community events and resources.

However, not everyone is online; and, even more people are simply just not comfortable online. In our communities, we have everything we need to change this. The skills that many of us take for granted, coupled with patience and the desire to help your neighbours build a strong community are all that are needed. Many of us remember when we had to set our parent's video recorder. Now, perhaps we are asking our teenager's to help set up our iPhones. Not everyone has someone to turn to. Imagine what a difference you could make if someone could turn to you!

Do you have time and skills to offer?

Please <register> and come to the <forums> where we are trying to bootstrap the OCM-CC initiative.

Could you use a little help?

Ahh, here is the challenge. Here we are, on a web page, which you will only see if you are at a computer, tablet or smart phone. Well, if it is your computer, tablet or smart phone then hopefully you can use the <contact form> to get in touch. And, assuming that computers aren't your forte, it would be good to give us a phone number. We will be in touch to see how we might help.

Finally, we have to be blunt. OCM runs on beer money. And, sending letters by post is expensive and we cannot replicate the web site experience in a few letters here and there. We want to make sure that we build as inclusive an experience as we can for all of neighbours. So, we want to help everyone get online, and feel confident online. It is often mooted that the Internet is becoming a basic human right. So, let's get lofty ... any human rights campaigners out there?